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Empower Aces works closely with elite professional and junior athletes, youth, entrepreneurs and startups to help them achieve their full potential. We offer insights, tools, techniques and resources curated to help our clients pave their own path to success.

Customer Testimonials

“We are so impressed with this type of educational program for parents, players and Ace…” – Pierre Lamarche, Founder of Ace Tennis

“Very well organized and professionally run…” – Doug Burke, President of Ace Tennis

“The Empower Aces workshop conducted by Sana Rizwan Farid is a fantastic addition to the development of junior athletes by introducing them to the mental aspects of the game and giving them tools to manage this area…” – Anca Lamarche, Director of Administration and Public Relations at Ace Tennis

“I don’t think he had ever been asked to think about his emotions before. It seems to me that the skills discussed are good ones to have on the court – and off! I expect he will attend again.”  – Parent of Ontario Tennis Association U12 Junior Athlete

“I found everything useful. I think these (concepts) should be reinforced every 2-3 months…I look forward to the next session.” – Parent of Ontario Tennis Association U10 Future Stars Junior Athlete

“Sana Farid… gave a brilliant and interactive workshop for the students of Grade 6 to 9 on managing conflict and bullying in today’s social media world. So happy to see the students answer questions honestly that helped them and us teachers a close perception of how these youngsters definitely needed to be steered towards a path to avoid the grave dangers. Thank you Sana for giving us your experiences of school children In (o)the(r) parts of the world…” Naseema Kapadia, Principal, Cambridge Section, St Joseph Convent High School

“A very informative and helpful session. In fact, the need of today…”  Middle School Teacher, St Joseph’s Convent High School

“It was a very interesting session and you are very good at capturing the audience.” – Vice Principal, Beacon House School Systems

“Extremely informative and interesting workshop.”  High School Teacher

Our Team

Sana Rizwan Farid, Founder of Empower Aces, is a Conflict Transformation Consultant and runs Safer Tomorrow, a Canadian social venture focused on addressing childhood bullying and conflict transformation.

Sana has conducted anti-bullying and role-playing workshops for parents and students as part of the Safer Tomorrow platform. She is also author of the children’s book titled, “People Are Like Cupcakes”, promoting tolerance and diversity.

Sana is also a licensed Tennis Canada official and serves as a roving umpire for Ontario Tennis Association sponsored provincial tournaments.

Prior to launching Safer Tomorrow in 2013, Sana worked as a Senior Analyst for South Asia at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Sana holds a Master in Peace Studies degree from the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame with a focus on Conflict Transformation.

Sana has worked with youth and provided violence prevention training under the Notre Dame platform. She has also worked for Search For Common Ground (SFCG) in Washington D.C. and with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Indonesia.

As the Founder of Empower Aces, Sana works with professional athletes, junior athletes, youth, entrepreneurs and startups to achieve their full potential.

Founding Contributors

Empower Aces founding contributors include junior athletes, tennis coaches, officials and experienced parents.

Within our immediate circle, we have Aces playing competitive tennis and squash, track and field, recreational and competitive gymnastics as well as recreational basketball, swimming, soccer and hockey.


Empower Aces and Ace Tennis Partnership

Empower Aces is the official partner for Ace Tennis, a Tennis Canada Gold Rated Tennis Development Centre.

Learn more about how Empower Aces is working with Ace Tennis to serve the Greater Tennis Area (GTA).

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